Dashboard Polish Spray



This product with advanced formulation and long lasting effect, polishes damaged and opaque plastic surfaces and prevents cracking of the dashboard surface. Also, it prevents the dust absorption by its antistatic properties. This product with a special scent fragrant the car interior space.
Dashboard is one of the parts that more than other parts is exposed to sunlight due to its proximity to glass; hence it takes on a (pale) state in the long run. In such cases, using Caspian Dashboard Polishing Spray is one way to improve the dashboard color.
* Very high effectiveness
* Prevent the dust absorption (antistatic properties)
* Protection against cracking
* High protection against UV rays
* No harmful compounds
* Easy to use
* Car interior air freshener
* Shake the bottle well before use.
* Spray on plastic surfaces so that a thin layer covers the surface. Then pull the soft cloth on it several times so that the polishing material penetrates into the dashboard.
* If there are sensitive surfaces such as electronic components, first spray on a napkin and then use.